Outdoor Play Therapy Sessions

selective-focus-photo-of-kid-blowing-dandelion-1855991.jpgChiildren often struggle with their feelings, it can be too difficult to talk about these feelings using words. Outdoor Play Therapy enables children to ‘play out’ their feelings, thoughts and experiences and the opportunity to try and make sense of them. The sessions take place in the natural environment in a safe, ethical way. Sessions are usually 30-40 mins, where a shelter is provided for most weather conditions. 

Outdoor Play Therapy (also known as Landplay Therapy), offers children more than being confined to a Play Therapy room. By using outdoor environments, the traditional dyadic relationship between the therapist and the child becomes a triadic one, in which the therapeutic process is enhanced and the environment for the play therapy is shared. The child can develop a lifelong therapeutic attachment to the 'nature mother' which supports the development of the body, self and a growing recognition of our interdependence with nature.

The outdoors provides diverse sensory experiences and these are essential for healthy brain growth and building new neural network pathways in the brain. Natural resources are available to the child such as; wood, stones, shells, leaves, pine cones, clay, mud, sand, compost, chalk, paper and water.